Visualize Your Dream Home

    Visualizing your design for an addition, renovation or remodeling project is the beginning of the process for creating a new living environment custom tailored just for you.

     After measuring and photographing your home, the architect creates a three dimensional model of your house in the computer. An addition is then “built” or added to the model of your home. The exterior as well as interior spaces such as kitchens, baths and other rooms can then be visualized in a way that floor plans and elevations do not provide.


    This 3D model is not just a sketch or pretty picture. As the model is created, important structural issues such as how the foundation, walls and roof will be constructed are studied and analyzed. This critical first step in the design process ensures that a new addition to your home is not only beautiful, but will be built in an efficient and economical way.

    Important components of your design such as function, form and structure are studied while using this valuable tool.

Planning a layout that flows well, designing roof lines that blend with your house and using materials that reflect the style and scale of your home; will all result in a project that is practical, aesthetically pleasing, and well built.

   It is of utmost importance that your new addition dovetail with your existing home as though it were always there.

For an more detailed explanation of why this is so important and how it is accomplished, right click on these links

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