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Q. Why is it important to design AND build my project with an architect builder team?

A. To maintain control. Establish a target budget range before you begin. Designing and then bidding a project is a sure fire way for you to lose control over your project costs. A project stays on budget when pricing is provided throughout the design process.  For more information see Estimating the Cost of Remodeling.

Q. Why do I need a survey or site plan before beginning to design my project? Why spend the extra money?

  1. A.Your township or borough has a specific and unique set of ordinances governing building location and coverage. Skipping this step or submitting a sketch of your lot can be costly and delay, or worse, stop a project.

    Consider that your home is often your largest financial asset, so it is well worth having an accurate legal document to show exactly what you own. See a typical Zoning Plan.

Q. How do you charge for your services ?

A. Most projects can be done for a fixed fee arrangement whereas larger more complex jobs are done with a not to exceed budget of time that is agreed to upfront.

Q. Why does an architect cost so much ?

A. If you work with the right architect just the opposite is true. Please refer to Working with an Architect.

Q. Won't hiring a General Contractor just add to the cost of my project ?

A. Having the total job price in writing before starting avoids cost overruns. see The General Contractor.

Q. What is the best way to select a Contractor ?

A.  See Choosing and Working with a Contractor.

Q. How can I find other additions to look at so I can get some ideas for my project ?

A. If you drive around looking for a well designed addition, unless one is currently under construction, you probably won't find it. See how your project can dovetail with your existing home.

Q. I'm unsure if I am ready to start a remodeling project just now. Can I get some information without making a commitment ?

A. Contact me by e-mail to kick around your thoughts about future plans or just fill out this form.

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