Design Your Dream Home

    The most important first step in building an addition, renovating or remodeling your home, is starting with a well thought out design for your project. You may have arrived at this website because you’re contemplating an expansion to your home. If however, you’re unsure if you should just move to a new home instead, please click here.

       Once you’ve decided you’re ready to begin designing an addition or remodeling project, you’ll need to begin the planning process that will turn your dreams into reality. Start here by carefully reading through the information below.

    Adding to your home is an investment in your most extremely personal asset. Aside from the initial purchase, deciding to renovate or expand your home may be the largest financial commitment that you will make in your lifetime.

If you have no prior remodeling or construction experience, a home renovation can be a daunting task. It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed by the numerous design options, zoning laws, building codes and decisions that need to be made.

    Since each homeowner is unique, no two home remodeling projects are alike. From interior renovation work such as a kitchen remodel to building a new in-law suite addition, there is no single method for transforming your ideas into square feet and three dimensional spaces. If well planned, an addition and remodeling project can be an enjoyable experience resulting in the satisfaction of living in a unique home custom tailored to your needs, wishes and desires.

Getting Started

    Start the process by scheduling an in home evaluation with an architect to determine the scope, budget and feasibility of your project.

    Before meeting with the architect you may want to consider the type of addition you believe would suit your needs. Ideally, you already know where your property boundaries are and have already spoken to your local zoning official.

He or she can determine what constraints your building lot will have on a planned expansion.

    A first floor addition will require that you hire a professional surveyor to prepare a plan of your lot showing the existing structures, driveway, patios, decks, etc. Your township or borough has a specific set of ordinances governing building location and coverage. Any zoning issues need to be addressed before you move forward with your design.

    An architect can help you with a basic understanding as to what the possibilities are for enlarging or renovating your home. You can also begin to discuss initial ideas or strategies such as Green Home Design for building your project. When you are ready, an architect will prepare a proposal for you including a project description and an outline of professional services.

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